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Sorry you're in the blue bird's penalty box....

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If you keep up with this kind of nonsense, I see good things happening for you

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This was fun. My mother and sister were both Jeanne Dixon fans/followers/believers. True believers. I was the one who read science fiction so of course, I didn’t have a firm grip on reality, apparently. People are funny.

My mother was sure she could tell when someone was about to die. She could see it in their eyes. I asked her if she ever warned them of their impending doom. No, that’s far too personal, though she happily chatted about it afterwards even to the dearly departed’s family. People are weird.

I have to admit I’ve neglected Vanga, her communist official, the poet and the KGB over the years. But I do appreciate you bringing us up to date on the old dead bat. I hope the KGB, the niece, and others made sure she had a comfortable old age. Being blind in a village in the middle of nowhere could not have been easy.

Her “prophesy” re Russia doesn’t worry me in the slightest (not to mention the aliens, I like that idea) least of all the mention of “Vladimir”. One of the most common names in that neck of the woods. Maybe she meant “Vlodomyr”. It’s not as if she wrote her prophesy down. Though the Kursk was a nice touch. I remember the story but not her prediction.

The Daily Mail and the TO Sun always write bullshit. I’ll drop in occasionally for the laugh of it but I never expect anything valuable or truthful from them. I know there are people who swear it’s all true. I wish I knew how to figuratively shake them by the lapels and figuratively scream in their faces to smarten up. But I don’t. The editors etc all know it’s crap but crap sells “papers”, more now than ever. I’m old enough to remember when it was different. Newspapers and Jack Webster were honest and true. The Georgia Straight kept us informed on all the more important stuff, like music and protests. How did we manage?

I was banned from Twitter almost exactly 2 years ago. I’m not sure what I did. I’m pretty sure I was saying something rude about Trump. I asked last week to be allowed back in thinking everyone else is allowed back in, so why not me? Nope, I am far too dangerous apparently. I am at Post now (following you and Aaron Rupar) and while I’m still learning my way around, it’s lovely and shiny new.

I really enjoyed the Flamethrowers, twice. Maddow’s Ultra is incredible. On both, I kept wishing for more. Fascinating history that is seemingly overlooked too often. I will check out Jill Lepore’s, The Last Archive. I still love my science fiction (not fantasy) but history is not so different really.

In the meantime, may your Christmas, Hanukkah, & Festivus be happy and shiny bright with all the people you love.

And the same to all of you who visit here. Am I the only one who feels like it just snuck up too quickly?

Hanukkah Sameach! 🕎 🕎 🕎 Jelly donuts for everyone!

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It’s been more than 4 days now? No? How come they didn’t unlock the account?

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Great read as usual. Happy Holidays Justin. I have shared on Twitter but as a nobody don’t know how far it will go lol.

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