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First off I’d just like to say, as I have meaning to but I forgot more than once, how much I like the graphic that heads up each article you give us. “Tucker Carlson” was the first image I saw when I subscribed. I don’t know who did that one but it’s the best of Tucker I’ve seen. A portrait of Dorian Grey vibe. Was it done Midjourney?

Our Danielle Smith can write or tweet or deliver as many apologies as she likes but she is offending too many, too often and none of it will wash out. Mostly what I see in response is whacky whataboutisms or it’s all a big NDP plot to make Smith look bad. She’s got that PP style of simplistic one-liners down pat and then of course she repeats them over and over a la PP. TG she hasn’t latched on to “triple triple triple” yet. Seven months of apologies coming up.

I cannot believe a woman her age, or anyone for that matter can blithely spew out so much crap. She thinks she has what it takes to run a province. Maybe she takes comfort in that Christy Clark, also with a background in radio, did it too. Clark was as ignorant of the real world as DS. Ultimately, Alberta will be even more unhappy with the UCP or whatever they want to be called.

Maybe Smith will reduce the price of a carton of cigarettes. There are benefits as those who refused vaccinations will tell you.

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