Nice of Justin to leave the comments open so long after the article. I just felt a need to post, at some appropriate location, a fun fact. Global just did a filler listicle piece on "20 richest neighbourhoods in Canada".


Four are in Calgary, though they're a the bottom of the top 20: Roxboro, Mount Royal, Brittania, Elbow Park. The fun fact is that all four are inside the "Calgary Elbow" riding, which means it is the single richest electoral district in Alberta. And THAT is where Danielle Smith was afraid to run for office, literally a Conservative afraid of the votes of millionaires.

I can't recall the like.

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Did you catch the exchange this afternoon between Brendan Miller and Ottawa city councillor Mathieu Fleury? Miller wanted Fleury to define micro aggressions. He pushed (rather micro aggressively) and Fleury snapped that he was a francophone and if Miller wanted definitions he’d better ask for them in French. Fleury then proceeded to answer in French and Miller snarked something to the effect of, “can we get him a headset so he understand my question?”

I won’t recap the entire exchange but occupiers and their acolytes are thrilled with him. Hot topic on Twitter tonight.. if he (Fleury) doesn’t know what the word means, why did he use it over and over?

It’s going to be a long six weeks, but I can’t seem to look away.

By the way, I enjoyed your interview on CPAC with Michael Serapio. James Bauder and his MOU is what disturbed me the most during the occupation. I worry that our lack of civics education has spawned tens of thousands of Canadians who simply don’t know that they don’t know the first thing about how government works.

Is there any way to reach them?

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Oct 14, 2022·edited Oct 14, 2022

I've never quite understood why some people (often on the left and right) have such a hate on for Sam Harris. He's a perfectly reasonable and rational centrist who's willing to have difficult conversations on just about any topic, and is willing to change his mind if presented with a compelling argument. I don't agree with some of his takes, but I don't see what makes him insufferable. Even the "Intellectual Dark Web" thing is something he quickly tried to distance himself from, and he wasn't shy calling out Peterson for basically spouting a bunch of psycho-babble nonsense when Peterson came on his podcast. Same thing with Bret Weinstein: they were friends until Weinstein lost his mind about vaccines, and Harris has called him out as well.

edit: I should have mentioned, Harris has been far too gentle with Rogan as well for my liking.

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