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They never properly finished the first civil war. The South kept coming back like that not-quite-dead guy in Monty Python.

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Tried DM about typos a month ago, and it wasn't noticed, so I'll put them here:

"it bears nothing" => "it bears noting".

Sentence starting "The accelerationists are either..." loses me with the ending "...is subjugation".. missing word?

"dour pessimisims" should be "dour brands" earlier in that sentence?

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Justin, Thank you for subjecting yourself to the GOP debate, so I didn’t have to. I didn’t watch Tucker and the D except for the short snippets others have put up. Highlights of the interview I suppose you could call them. It’s far more fun to watch the bizarre msgs out of Russian propagandist's mouths. When covering Prigozhin’s plane spiralling down to earth they used footage of a much earlier crash of an entirely different plane that had propellers! Why do they do that? A rhetorical question. No one knows why they do anything.

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I am not sure if civil war is in the cards, but I do think that Canadians have a hard time understanding Americans.

During the run up to the 2016 election, right after the LPC swept Harper out of power in a landslide, I was wandering around Utah and Colorado with a group of South Africans. They were trying to understand the appeal of DT and we informally polled servers and other people we came in contact with about who they were going to vote for. If I remember correctly it was 60/40 DT/Clinton.

There is a large disenfranchised segment of the american population who will never achieve the american dream. Their response to this has played out in several formes in the last decade.

I don’t think we Canadians are headed to a civil war based on a cultural narrative, but the declining standard of living brought on by the looming energy crisis, current climate crisis, international debt and general lack of leadership is putting a strain on our national identity.

“Empty factories to the east and all our waste

The shape of things that came show on the broken worker's face

To the west you'll find a silicon promised land

Where machines all replace their minds with systematic profit plans

The course of human progress staggers like a drunk

It's pace is quick and heavy but it's mind is slow and blunt

I look for optimism but I just don't know

Its seeds are planted in a poison place where nothing grows”

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To topic, colour me skeptical. Physical uprisings really do require millions to commit and stay committed - Egypt found out that support dies the moment the New Team gets even slightly radical. Pow! Back to the safety of the dictators they know - and those are actual dictators.

The most heartwarming moment of the Convoy story was when the RCMP posted up the table-of-guns at Coutts (for some reason, no need to hide them for years while investigating their source, like Portapiq, something no newsie asked them about) the next image on TV was a line of tractors packing up and leaving, because the supportive local farmers dropped all support when guns were seen.

Some cops were murdered in the middle of 2020, and nothing did more damage to the BLM efforts; "Defund" proved politically toxic. Look at the 2021 election, turning in the same parliament after all the intense drama of 2020: people don't *like* revolutionary change, shy away from it unless they're starving or otherwise desperate.

Making your party out to be some kind of revolutionaries, demanding rapid change, is a loser campaign, unless you are running for king of the National Post comments columns.

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