Having never twittered, I'm only on Mastodon out of curiosity over whether it's as bad as Jesse Brown thinks (it's not). I asked this question of you there, too:

I get now that these sites actually do track jets in real-time, so you would know when one of the Musk-owned jets arrived at an airport. So, I guess that if you had an ambush team all teed-up somewhere near an airport, you could await Musk, and pounce.

Thing is, doesn't that logic also apply to all the jets owned by various oligarchs, their mafosi buddies, and African/Asian despots with many very violent haters? And no jet-owner has ever been pounced-upon using this strategy. Various people have had their cars blown up, or shot up, in recent decades, but never near an airport.

So, if not them, why would Musk have a legit fear?

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What's he gonna do next? Set his plane or himself on fire for the traffic?

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Yesterday & here today I like to share Musk commentary to Twitter. A hilarious cartoon yesterday, this essay today. Is it safe or appropriate for you or the cartoonist for me to do so? I feel strongly & want to share the opinions.

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