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Sep 20, 2022Liked by Justin Ling

I've never thought of PP as a white supremacist or nationalist nor have I ever thought of him as against immigration or even reconciliation. Pierre is like that miserable old neighbour who yells at the kids to get off his grass. He likes kids well enough, just not on his grass. He's an old man in a youngish man's body with a pimply teen's face. The same for immigrants, if they are hardworking and are willing to slot themselves into his vision of Canada, it's all good. Much the same as how he feels about 1st Nations. He's got nothing against them personally but he cannot abide paying people something for what he feels is nothing. He'll unapologetically shake anyone's hand and to hell with those who can't take a joke. PP can't take a joke but he thinks he can. He can sympathize with the supremacists and the nationalists but he knows there are not enough of them to matter to him.

An opportunist at every opportunity.

Now he has wifey. I'm not sure where I heard that term with regard to Anaida Pollievre. If it was from her or PP or someone else but it has stuck in my head. I visited her website "Pretty and Smart" which is really not either. It's very Barbie. The first time I heard the phrase, "for women by women", was almost 50 years ago when myself and a friend went into the local (and only) sex shop in North Vancouver, to buy a birthday present for another friend. Some of the toys were described as such.

Now wifey is the woman behind the man. Skippy is totally whipped and he's loving it. Nothing PP says will be without the 100% backing and clearance of Ana. They will discuss policy and what colour tie, and Ana will be utterly confident in her decisions so PP will be too. I suspect we are going to see far too much of wifey. Oh yeah, if you google wifey a whole pile of porn sites comes up.

I remember when Justin Trudeau won in 2015 and the news was all about the new PM and his wife and kids. People, Cons, were vicious. Why did she change her name? Why does she need a secretary and a chef? Doesn't she know how to cook? 2 nannies? Is that her real hair colour? It went on and on. Unbelievably stupid shallow comments. The wife and partner of the Prime Minister of Canada should get nothing. The First Lady is an American thing and not a Canadian thing. The hounding never let up to this day. That Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has taken a clear step away from all of it is easily understandable. The hatefulness has been unrelenting. I think she is beautiful brave and honest and it's bad enough that the kids have to hear the crap thrown at JT, at least she can try to shield herself and them from it all. So when and what will we all hear about wifey? 3 hours in heels, oh my!

Ukraine. I cannot say what is in my head and my heart. It's unprintable. It's all so f*cking heartbreaking and that Russia may never recover is the least of it.

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