You've got to really struggle with whether ignoring them totally, or responding in any way, is the better strategy. Certainly, responding in any way in comment-forums like this, or social media, has never done any good.

I think that journalists should struggle with whether to give any coverage, to these hucksters (the merch! The merch!) famous name(s) or not. I have to give a pass to this piece, though, for the news that the two "famous" names have joined up, but especially for news of the RV that's advertising an American political campaign in Ottawa.

NB: I was actually unaware of the half-brothers entirely. Despite all my newsreading! It is so great that Canadian journalism mostly ignores families!

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I think the way you covered it here is exactly the way it should be covered. Acknowledge what they get right and slam what they get wrong. I don't know how much of the population is able to absorb how much complexity but we've got to keep nudging everyone that way. Most things aren't cut and dried.

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I’d be interested to know if Justin Trudeau’s 1/2 brother has inherited his Mom’s bipolar disorder.

Also I’m an huge Bill Maher fan, never miss a show, a podcast, whatever. I used to think that he called everything like it was or would be. This past season or two, I have found him more grumpy, has more grievances towards the left. I too have some issues with the very far left particularly in the US and would hate to see it edge into Canadian politics more than it already has. I know that there is a tendency for people to drift towards the middle as they age. Hopefully that’s what is going on

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