Needed that background on Navalny, thanks! Russia, of course, provides the ultimate example of an alliance with a Bad Guy because we had the common enemy of a Worse Guy. Very hard to see an easy way out of this for Russia. Great example of why that "peaceful transfer of power" thing is so very, very important. Here's your other end of that spectrum.

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THoughtful and provocative, as always.

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May 15, 2023Liked by Justin Ling

Congratulation on being awarded the WPFC Certificate of Merit. It is well deserved.

Kudos to the Black Bridge for all they do (if they really exist 😉)

And a high 5 to those Maskirovka drones who flew 600km to either take out Putin (he doesn’t actually live in the Kremlin) or a small timing error, showing up too early for the Victory of the Glorious Dead celebration. But a great effort whoever did it.

Vladimir Kara-Murza and Alexei Navalny, Evan Gershkovich, Marc Fogel, James Vincent Wilgus, Paul Whelan, and so many others, were all imprisoned at the whim of the President of Russia. I have yet to see the Navalny documentary. I know how it ends. There is only one way any of these people will regain their freedom, and Wagner’s Prigozhin is not an answer.

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