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Many thanks. Good to keep up. The question is whether the West cares even now. France's attitude screams "Africa Doesn't Matter".

Gwynne Dyer often got an audience to sit up for years, by repeating "The Middle East Doesn't Matter", his point being the same as that rant in "Syriana", where Matt Damon notes that Saudi's *second* biggest export is "Used Stuff". The ME didn't matter to the West, intrinsically: just their oil.

If we cared about African lives, we would have interfered in the Congo's civil war, and its 5 million dead. Or done more during COVID. One suspects we worked hard on ebola so it wouldn't come for us, mostly.

The diminution of oil as a strategic resource over the next decade or so will change a lot of politics, revealing who intrinsically matters and doesn't. And you can see the huge priority already being put on Africa not mattering as a source of the new vital metals - either by finding more, or inventing new renewables that don't need them.

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