The comedy that these subjects needed. Thanks.

On the one hand, the Ukraine War puts in perspective, our social-media problems that "pain" us as we sit in recliners, snacking.

On the other hand, the prevalence of disinformation as precursor to, and part of, war itself - it puts those little social-media-disinfo problems on a spectrum that starts with lies, and ends in mass murders.

A great roundup.

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Justin! This was absolutely worth the price of a subscription! Thank you!

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This was a fun read. Who would win in a boxing match? Vladimir or Tucker ? Although, I’m pretty sure they’d prefer to go on a date considering how much they benefit from one another.

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Loved this report. I have a question to ask you I’m one person who helped you when that abusive situation happened that landed you in the hospital. I’m gone from Twitter. But I’m told your the person who’s the expert.

But it was about the Honey and Barry Sherman case, my

Question was when it’s thought that hit men from Russia or Mexico did the murders here in Canada I asked how do these foreigners get a assault rifle to do these hits? And they are long gone. Is it a foreign group that lives in Canada? Or a gang? Or do these syndicate people get here through the conservatives? Like is there a connection? I heard there was with these reformed conservatives

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