WildProtest (the site created by Alexander) also ran a crowdfunding campaign - receiving over $180k worth of donations from ~2000 individual donors in advance of Jan 6th.

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I have no idea why I'm optimistic about this one; probably because no continent could have been bombarded with more right-wing propaganda for four generations, than Latin America, and that area also has awful experiences with communists and Chavez-istas...and yet, the "pink tide" has basically won a huge majority of those nations, recently.

So I think populations can resist this stuff, at least in majority. And 2020-2022 says that that American majority is already large enough to beat out out their unbalanced electoral system. In Canada, polling today: https://mstdn.ca/@CanadianPolling/109682566446419026

..has not budged more than a few percent from numbers late LAST January, for all their bloviation about it. A hypothetical "Convoy Party" would be crushed in Canadian elections. So, what I'd challenge is whether this, ahem, messaging, can *grow* their adherents, or just gather people already disposed to go nuts when somebody says "they're going to come for your stove".

Also, the way they hoover money out of supporters has got to stop passing a smell test with those supporters, at some point. People like results.

It's really great you dug into this, though, Justin, I was riveted, because we didn't get this already, despite the oceans of January 6 coverage. Which is odd.

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Get the minor spell check thing out of the way:

"Alexander, for all of his many faults, left the *capital* on January 6 "

...Capitol ? or did he leave D.C. entirely?

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