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The depth of your coverage is very appreciated.

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Excellent investigation into the far-right, far-out conspiracy culture. I would love to hear your take on Naomi Klein's latest, "Doppelganger", her own deep dive into what she calls the "Mirror World," so perfectly exemplified by X22. Also "Misbelief" by Dan Ariely, which I'll be tackling next. We need ro keep shining the spotlight on the conspiracists- and also understand better what makes people go down these rabbit holes.

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Loved your reference to the Know Nothings...they have slipped from current memory, which is a shame.

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I don't think this is (far) off-topic. People start looking for "alternative news" when they suspect that the professional news is missing things, skipping topics. I was just about to make a daily blog post:


..about WHY people wander off the range, into the alt-news. I had expected an Al-Jazeera story of Dec 13 to move up to more-seen news sites the next day or so, as others checked out the story. (The story is just an accusation: a bunch of bodies, Palestinians screaming they were shot point-blank, even killed "execution style".) Al-Jaz did not have the IDF denial comment that I'm sure is inevitable.

But now, as my post notes, it has gotten to a dozen news sites, most of them only read by brown people outside 'the West'.

Why wouldn't major news media carry it? This is what drives people to imagine conspiracies and bias and all that. (I don't, because too many are not carrying it. Too big for coinspiracy.)

Is is just that the IDF can shut down a story for many days, not just two, by simply refusing to comment so that the Times/Post/etc can't report both sides?

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Thank-you Justin Ling for wading into the filth so we don’t have to. What sickening, frightful people these are.

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I think I would like more information on how the money making aspect of certain on line accounts...overlaps with conspiracy sites. It sounds as if conspiracy sites might be good at bringing in the eye balls that help maintain American consumerism.....if so, is the drumming up of conspiracies just one tool in an influencers tool kit?? Is the spreading of paranoia against government and elites at bottom, a money making venture?

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"Its members and supporters swore themselves to subtly."

"and bitterly fought the deep pocket Democratic political machine of Tammany Hall."

A couple examples from the first handful of paragraphs. First is obviously supposed to be "secrecy", second I have no idea if "deep pocket" was intended or something else is missing. I really enjoy the subject matter, but your posts would be significantly improved with even cursory editing. Every few paragraphs there's something that causes the reader to have to stop and figure out what you meant. Apologies for the critique, but the last few posts have had more than a few of these.

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Always disengage, walk away. I wish I could do the same with those who sound more rational, but the upside-down worldview is just barely under the skin. I keep giving those people more time than I should.

Thanks for the reminder there are so many of them still around. The most-frightening stories to me area Naomi Wolfe and Laura Logan. I'm pretty sure that both of them are better educated and smarter than I am, but their minds somehow gave way under a disinformation assault.

This needs a lot more study, one can only hope a later age will figure out some reliable treatment. Very hard to treat a disease that causes the sufferer to avoid all treatment.

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