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Is this all it takes?

This morning, Jan 29th 2024 on Telegram:

Election headquarters of the Russian presidential candidate from the Civil Initiative party Boris Nadezhdin in Novosibirsk

Not beautiful. They are demanding that Nadezhdin be recognized as a foreign agent on the basis that I am Nadezhdin’s chief of staff in Novosibirsk and am a member of the Novosibirsk 2020 Coalition.

I officially declare that I have no relation to Navalny. I am a former member of Yabloko, I was not a member of Navalny’s headquarters, to be honest - I have not seen a single Navalny film (they are too long for me), I was not present at meetings with Navalny. But I’m not going to talk badly about him either - I just know little about his activities. My name in this story is far-fetched. I consider this Borodin’s denunciation to be slander.

Svetlana Kaverzina, chief of the Novosibirsk headquarters of Boris Nadezhdin

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It’s a strange feeling I’m getting after reading this, is it...hope?

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Thanks for this peek into Russia's rotten politics.

Typos? Drop the "o" in "calculous".

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Great research on Nadezhdin. I know a little about him and unfortunately think he actually could be a convincing stooge to pad the ballot. As you say, he has a pro-putin past. I know putin will win no matter what, but how do you think he’ll process a large number of votes for Nadezhdin? Could putin incite even more repression actions on the dissenting public?

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Why I roll my eyes at the notion that another Trump election is the "end of democracy in the US". Dyer keeps pointing out that the most awful of tyrants for some reason want the legitimacy of kinda-sorta elections, and that these remain venues for progress. Tell it to the Brazilians who got through Bolsonaro.

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